Blepharoplasty surgery also called eyelid surgery

What exactly is Blepharoplasty?

For quite a long time, people who suffered from sagging eyelids and under the eye bags as a result of aging had no remedy for the condition. Thanks to blepharoplasty things have changed. Blepharoplasty, also referred to as eyelid surgery, is an eye surgery performed on the lower or upper eyelids to expel excess fat and in turn tighten the muscles close to the eyes.

Excessively puffy eyelids make you look rather old and tired and furthermore, hinder your vision. Despite eye surgery being performed as a single procedure, a good number of surgeons recommend to patients planning undergoing skin resurfacing, facelifts or brow lifts.


As previously mentioned, it is a medical procedure used to restore droopy eyelids by getting rid of excess fat, muscle and skin that build up with age. Patients subjected to blepharoplasty are normally awake during the medical procedure and are at times given medicine to alleviate anxiety and numbing injections to lessen pain around their eyes. It is highly unlikely an eye surgery patient to spend a night at a hospital, actually most doctors prefer to perform it as an outpatient surgery procedure or even at their own offices.

Although commonly performed for cosmetic objectives, blepharoplasty can be performed for medical reasons such as people suffering from a disease such as myasthenia gravis. This is a condition where excessive upper eyelid causes peripheral vision loss.

Blepharoplasty can be used to repair vision and many insurers cover the procedure as a non-elective procedure.

Who Qualifies for Blepharoplasty?

Just as with other cosmetic surgeries, it is imperative to be in exemplary physical health before undergoing this procedure as well as having reasonable expectations for the end product of the surgery. There are factors that are taken into consideration in determining a patient’s candidacy for eye surgery, these are: skin type, ethnic background, age as well as the extent to which vision is hampered, for those looking to undergo this procedure for medical purposes rather than for cosmetic reasons.

Individuals suffering from diabetes, thyroid problems, circulatory problems, heart disease, dry eyes or any other health related issue should inform their doctors in advance. Such issues can be aggravated by the eye surgery procedure.

Additionally, patients must be ready to commit themselves to adhere to all post-operation guidelines which may include routine cleansing of the eye area for 3 to 5 days until the permanent stitches are gotten rid of. Physical activities and specific dry environments should be shunned a few weeks before surgery.

Blepharoplasty before and after

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Blepharoplasty cost

The mean cost of blepharoplasty is $2,818 as per figures released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This fee can vary widely because the above fee does not account for operating room facilities, anesthesia and other miscellaneous expenses.

A surgeon’s charges may vary based on experience, location of his or her office and the procedure used.

Double eyelid surgery has become a fascination among South Korean women due to their fascination with western culture. Eyelid surgery makes the women’s eyes wider and rounder, plastic surgeons claim this boosts the women’s confidence. South Korea has even overtaken Brazil as the plastic surgery capital and eye lift surgery accounts for most of that.


The eye lift surgery cost is relatively high but it does not seem to hinder people from undergoing the procedure.

Woman before and after lower blepharoplasty:

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